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A typical 5 square mile area of rainforest supports:

1500 flowering plants, 750 species of tree, 450 species of bird, 500 species of butterfly.

Every second a slice of rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed.

Every day 86400 football fields of rainforest are destroyed.

31 million football fields of rainforest are destroyed every year.

Over 10,000 square miles of Amazon rainforest is burnt down annually to make way for cattle pastures, oil palm plantations and soya plantations. Often the fires rage uncontrolled for months and spread into further areas of forest. Deforested areas are much hotter and drier than the rainforests so the average temperature of the whole region rises and humidity falls dramatically. This causes shrinkage of the remaining forest, alters the vegetation structure and annihilates wildlife over a vast area. Read more here... Read more here...

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The data presented on this website is based on over 50 years of extensive personal observation by Adrian Hoskins F.R.E.S. It is supplemented by data collated from numerous books, academic papers, and personal communications with eminent biologists.

In order to make the text more accessible and easy to read I do not incorporate citations to the invaluable works of others, but wish to express my sincerest gratitude to the following people, and recommend their works to anyone wishing to explore the subject more deeply:

Andre Frietas, Andrew Neild, Arjan Basu Roy, Bernard d'Abrera, Bernard Hermíer, Bernaud Dominique, Blanca Huertas, Carlos Prieto, Curtis Callaghan, Delano Lewis, Jason Hall, Jean-Marc Gayman, Jeremy Thomas, Jorge Bizzaro, Gerardo Lamas, Hugh Rowell, Keith Willmott, Kevin Tuck, Kim Garwood, Krushnamegh Kunte, Martin Honey, Martin Warren, Maurizio Bollino, Michael Parsons, Olaf Mielke, Pat Haynes, Phil DeVries, Robert Robbins, Ronald Brabant, Stéphane Attal, Szabolcs Safian, Tomasz Pyrcz, Torben Larsen, and Zsolt Balint.

I would also like to thank Bernard & Lucilla d'Abrera for their very generous donation of 11 vols of Butterflies of the World, an indispensable series of books illustrating specimens of most of the currently known species of butterfly. My thanks go also to Colin Baker for his generous donation of software and to Tony Hoare who kindly donated Willmott's book The Genus Adelpha.



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