Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
Shower of Gold
Argyrogrammana sticheli   TALBOT, 1929
subfamily - RIODININAE
Tribe - Incertae sedis

Argyrogrammana sticheli female, Rio Cristalino, Brazil Tony Hoare
Argyrogrammana comprises of 33 described species, all restricted to the neotropical region. All are small butterflies which share a common wing shape, but the colours and patterns vary considerably from species to species. The wings of Argyrogrammana stilbe for example are yellow, covered with dozens of tiny reddish dots; while trochila has a metallic blue ground colour and is decorated with a series of fine black stripes.
Argyrogrammana sticheli in common with most species in the genus is sexually dimorphic. In males the forewing is mostly black, with patches of metallic blue in the post median and subapical areas, while in the female the orange is deeper in hue, and on the forewings is restricted to the basal area.
This species is found in the Amazonian lowlands, from Guyana and Venezuela, south to Mato Grosso in Brazil, and probably beyond.
Argyrogrammana sticheli appears to be confined to the Amazonian lowlands, at altitudes between about 200-600m.
The larvae feed on Clusiaceae.
Adult behaviour

Both sexes tend to be found singly, often sharing their habitats with Mesene and Euselasia species. They have an erratic but not particularly rapid flight, and settle habitually under the leaves of ferns and other low vegetation.



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