Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
Hewitson's Glory
Asterope degandii  HEWITSON, 1858
subfamily - BIBLIDINAE
subtribe - EPIPHILINA

Asterope degandii, Rio Pindayo, Peru Adrian Hoskins
The 7 species in the genus Asterope all share the typical Biblidinae characteristics of rounded wings, and boldly but simply marked uppersides.
All Asterope species have black uppersides, with a strong blue or greenish sheen. In the case of degandii the male has the outer area of the wings is a shimmering and highly reflective blue, while in the female the outer wings are steely green. The underside hindwings of all Asterope species are grey, overlaid to a greater or lesser extent with a metallic greenish or bluish hue, and marked with a very distinctive pattern of black spots. In some species including degandii the basal area of the underside wings are bright orange.
Asterope degandii occurs in the foothills of the eastern Andes, and the lowlands of the upper Amazon basin, in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.
This is a lowland rainforest species occuring at altitudes between about 200-800m.
Adult behaviour

The butterflies are elusive, and nearly always encountered singly. Males tend to be seen more often in the afternoon, when they perch on the foliage of trees at a height of about 3 metres, periodically making short rapid flights to investigate passing butterflies.

They are not often seen on the ground, but occasionally visit urine-soaked sand on well vegetated sunny river beaches.



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