Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
Southern Sicklewing
Eantis thraso  HÜBNER, 1807
subfamily - PYRGINAE

Eantis thraso, Satipo, Peru © Adrian Hoskins
The Pyrginae, popularly known as Flats or Spreadwings, are a cosmopolitan subfamily distributed across temperate and tropical habitats throughout the world. In the Americas there are 990 species.
Butterflies in the genus Eantis are known popularly as Sicklewings. There are 7 species - tamenund minna, papinianus, munroei, minor, mithridates and thraso.
Eantis thraso was until recently considered to be a subspecies of mithridates, but the latter name is now only used for the Jamaican taxon, and it's former subspecies tamenund, papinianus, munroei and minor have now been elevated to full specific status.
Eantis thraso is distributed from Mexico to Argentina.
This is a widespread and common species, found at altitudes between sea level and about 700m in disturbed habitats such as forest edges, glades, roadsides and riverbanks.
The eggs are laid singly on the upperside of leaves of Citrus, Zanthoxylum and other Rutaceae. The slug-shaped caterpillar is dark translucent green, with a pair of narrow yellow lines running dorso-laterally. It has a brown head which is heart-shaped when viewed from the front. It lives solitarily in a nest made of silked leaves. The pupa is dark green, covered in a pale green waxy secretion.
Adult behaviour

Males are usually seen as singletons amongst mixed mud-puddling aggregations of other Pyrgine skippers such as Anastrus, Antigonus, Ebrietas and Gorgopas. They can also be seen perching on the foliage of bushes, which they use as "look out posts" to survey passing females.

Both sexes rest and feed with the wings outspread.



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