Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
Ferruginous Skipper
Enosis achelous  PLOTZ, 1882
subfamily - HESPERIINAE
Enosis achelous, Tatama NP, Colombia Adrian Hoskins
There are at least 1038 known species of Grass Skippers ( Hesperiinae ) found in the neotropical region, many of which are virtually impossible to identify from photographs. A great many of them are dark brown in colour, and virtually devoid of recognisable markings. Often, any markings which are present are obscure, and it can be guaranteed that there will be several dozen near identical species which can only be told apart by killing them and microscopically examining the venation and genitalia. In many cases however detailed examination of the living butterfly will reveal a number of minor features that in combination enable an accurate determination. Enosis achelous for example is recognised by its white-ringed antennae and the rust coloured collars around its eyes.
There are 12 species in the genus Enosis, variously found from Mexico to Brazil. The uppersides of all species are dark brown, and most are devoid of markings although some including achelous are marked with a few tiny white specks, and a few such as aphilos and dognini have very small hyaline spots. The undersides vary - most are plain brown but dognini has conspicuous white markings, and iccius has an attractive pattern of small blue spots.
Enosios achelous occurs from Mexico to Ecuador.
This species is found in cloudforest at elevations between about 1000-1800m.
To be completed.
Adult behaviour

The adults are probably semi-crepuscular in nature. During the daytime they tend to be seen most often in overcast weather, when they can sometimes seen basking on low herbage with their wings held slightly apart.


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