Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
Blue False Flasher
Neoxeniades bajula  SCHAUS, 1902
subfamily - HESPERIINAE

Neoxeniades bajula, Rio Alto Madre de Dios, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
In the Neotropical region there are about 2365 species of Hesperiidae split between 5 subfamilies - Pyrrhopyginae, Pyrginae, Heteropterinae, Megathyminae and Hesperiinae.
The Hesperiinae are known generally as Grass Skippers, because their caterpillars feed on grasses, bamboos, palms and other monocotyledons. The adult butterflies typically bask with their forewings held at an angle of about 45 degrees, and their hindwings held flat, as illustrated above. The resting posture helps to distinguish Neoxeniades and Thracides from similarly patterned Astraptes Flashers which belong to the Pyrginae, and bask with their wings fully outspread.
There are 10 species in the genus Neoxeniades, which is confined to the neotropical region.
Neoxeniades bajula occurs in Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.
This is a rainforest species, found at altitudes between about 100-800m.
To be completed.
Adult behaviour

The adults can be seen basking on foliage at forest edge habitats early on sunny mornings. Later in the day they feed at bird droppings on leaves or on the forest floor.



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