Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
Croesus Eyemark
Semomesia croesus  FABRICIUS, 1776
subfamily - RIODININAE
subtribe - MESOSEMIINA

Semomesia croesus, female at rest under leaf, Rio Madre de Dios, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
There are 1324 known species of Riodinidae in the neotropical region, 121 of which are placed in the genus Mesosemia, and a further 8 in the closely related Semomesia.
Butterflies of both genera are commonly known as Eyemarks, due to the prominent ocelli located in the discal cell of the forewings.
All species are sexually dimorphic - the males of many species including Semomesia croesus being metallic blue, marked with fine black lines and a black apex. The females of croesus and most other Semomesia / Mesosemia species, are dark brown, marked with prominent white bands.
Semomesia croesus is found throughout the Amazonian region.
This species is found in primary rainforest at altitudes between about 100-800m.
To be completed.
Adult behaviour

Males tend to be seen in two's and three's along dark forest tracks. They tend to spend a large amount of time resting with wings half-open or outspread underneath the leaves of low growing bushes. They are readily disturbed, but even when alarmed they tend to fly only short distances and immediately resettle under another nearby leaf.

Females are seen much more rarely, usually when flitting about just above the herb layer in search of oviposition sites.



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