Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
Hermesia Skipper
Vacerra hermesia  HEWITSON, 1870
subfamily - HESPERIINAE
Vacerra hermesia cecropterus, Rio Kosnipata, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
In the neotropical region there are 2365 described species of Hesperiidae. The family is divided into 5 subfamilies, Pyrrhopyginae, Heteropterinae, Megathyminae, Pyrginae and Hesperiinae. There are over 1040 known species of Hesperiinae in the neotropics.
There are 10 species in the genus Vacerra, distributed variously from Mexico to Paraguay. They can be recognised as a genus by the distinctive pattern of hyaline spots on the forewings. Most species also have one or more small hyaline spots on the hindwing, and a blue-green sheen on the thorax.
In some species the underside hindwings are marbled in shades of brown. In hermesia, caniola and molla they are a unicolorous earthy brown, except for a prominent white or cream stripe. In molla this stripe is centrally positioned, while in caniola it is further out, and in hermesia it is very close to the edge of the wings. The image below is of poor quality but should be sufficient for identification.
Vacerra hermesia is found in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.
This species inhabits open areas in cloudforest, at elevations between about 1000-2200m.
To be completed.
Adult behaviour

Both sexes can sometimes be found nectaring at roadside flowers, but are more often encountered basking on low herbage in forest-edge habitats.

Vacerra hermesia cecropterus, Rio Kosnipata, Peru



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