Butterflies of the Amazon & Andes
Photographs Adrian Hoskins ( unless otherwise stated )
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Nymphalidae: Satyrinae | subfamily guide
The Nymphalidae is composed of numerous subfamilies and tribes including Apaturinae, Cyrestinae, Biblidinae, Limenitidinae, Charaxinae, Nymphalinae, Melitaeini, Heliconiinae, Ithomiini, Libytheinae, Satyrinae, Morphini & Brassolini. Use the thumbnails below to access individual species pages.


Pierella hyceta

Pierella helvina

Pierella lamia

Cithaerias pireta

Cithaerias phantoma

Cithaerias pyropina

Haetera piera

Pseudohaetera hypaesia

Pseudohaetera mimica

Oressinoma sorata

Oressinoma typhla

Oressinoma typhla

Cepheuptychia sp.nov

Cepheuptychia cephus

Caeruleuptychia helios

Caeruleuptychia coelestis

Caeruleuptychia lobelia

Chloreuptychia arnaca

Chloreuptychia agatha

Chloreuptychia chlorimene

Chloreuptychia marica

Chloreuptychia herseis

Magneuptychia iris

Magneuptychia libye

Euptychia jesia

Magneuptychia tiessa

Magneuptychia ocnus

Hermeuptychia harmonia

Hermeuptychia cucullina

Hermeuptychia hermes

Cissia terrestris

Cissia penelope

Cissia proba

Cissia myncea

Pareuptychia metaleuca

Pareuptychia ocirrhoe

Euptychoides saturnus

Euptychoides albofasciata

Euptychoides hotchkissi

Splendeuptychia ackeryi

Euptychoides griphe

Euptychoides griphe

Forsterinaria inornata

Forsterinaria pallida

Forsterinaria neonympha

Rareuptychia clio

Amphidecta calliomma

Manataria hercyna

Pseudodebis valentina

Parataygetis lineata

Parataygetis albinotata

Taygetis virgilia

Taygetis sylvia

Taygetis chrysogone

Taygetis mermeria

Taygetis angulosa

Taygetis cleopatra

Taygetis thamyra

Taygetomorpha puritana

Posttaygetis penelea

Eretris depresissima

Eretris apuleja

Eretris subrufescens

Image coming soon


Corades chelonis

Corades enyo

Corades medeba

Corades ulema

Corades pannonia

Junea dorinda

Junea doraete

Daedalma vertex

Lymanopoda panacea

Lymanopoda acraeida

Lymanopoda obsoleta

Lymanopoda ferruginosa

Lymanopoda rana

Lymanopoda translucida

Lymanopoda huilana

Lymanopoda labda

Lymanopoda eubagioides

Lymanopoda albocincta

Lymanopoda apulia

Lasiophila orbifera

Pronophila epidipnis

Pronophila unifasciata

Mygona prochyta

Manerebia satura

Manerebia inderena

Parapedaliodes parepa

Pedaliodes demarmelsi

Pedaliodes palaepolis

Pedaliodes hopfferi

Pedaliodes polusca

Pedaliodes phrasicla

Pedaliodes montagna

Oxeoschistus simplex

Oxeoschistus simplex

Pseudomaniola phaselis

Etcheverrius chiliensis

Steroma modesta

Steroma bega andensis

Steremnia monachella

Steremnia umbracina

Punargentus lamna

Papilionidae | Pieridae | Lycaenidae | Riodinidae | Nymphalidae | Hesperiidae


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