Butterflies of the Amazon & Andes
Photographs Adrian Hoskins ( unless otherwise stated )
Papilionidae | Pieridae | Lycaenidae | Riodinidae | Nymphalidae | Hesperiidae
Pieridae: Pierinae | Dismorphiinae | Coliadinae
There are about 340 species of Pieridae found in the neotropical region. They are small to medium sized butterflies. Most have a white or yellow ground colour, usually with black or orange markings. They are represented in the Neotropics by 3 subfamilies - Dismorphiinae, Coliadinae and Pierinae.


Itaballia demophile

Itaballia pandosia pisonis

Perrhybris pamela

Cunizza hirlanda

Melete lycimnia

Melete leucanthe

Ganyra phaloe

Pieriballia viardi

Archonias brassolis

Leptophobia penthica

Leptophobia tovaria

Leptophobia eleone

Leptophobia caesia

Hesperocharis marchallii

Hesperocharis nereina

Catasticta corcyra

Catasticta hegemon

Catasticta hegemon

Catasticta apaturina

Catasticta notha

Catasticta flisa

Catasticta pieris

Catasticta chelidonis

Catasticta sisamnus

Catasticta ctemene

Catasticta ctemene

Leodonta tellane

Pereute charops

Pereute telthusa

Pereute callinira

Papilionidae | Pieridae | Lycaenidae | Riodinidae | Nymphalidae | Hesperiidae


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