Moths of the Amazon and Andes
Dognin's Greasy Roller
Colla opalifera  DOGNIN, 1911
Superfamily - BOMBYCOIDEA
subfamily - BOMBYCINAE
Tribe -
Colla opalifera, Satipo, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
The subfamily Bombycinae includes the commercial silkworm moth Bombyx mori which originated in China, and 8 other Bombyx species. It also includes another Oriental genus Gunda and the African genus Ocinara as well as the neotropical genera Quentalia, Epia and Colla.

There are 14 Colla species, all of which are confined to the neotropical region. All Colla species have greasy-looking bodies and translucent white wings marked with small patches of greyish-green.

Colla opalifera is found in Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.
This species is found in rainforest and cloudforest at elevations between about 100-800m.
To be completed.
Adult behaviour

The moths adopt a characteristic resting posture with the hindwings rolled upwards into a tube, and the abdomen curved sideways. In common with members of the family Apatelodidae they often rest in an upside-down position with the head and the costa of the forewings in contact with the substrate.




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