Moths of the Amazon and Andes
Brazil-nut Prominent
Crinodes besckei   HÜBNER, 1824
Superfamily - NOCTUOIDEA
subfamily - unassigned
Tribe -
Crinodes besckei, Manu cloudforest, 1400m, Peru © Adrian Hoskins
The family Notodontidae has representatives throughout the world in temperate and tropical regions. The moths are commonly known as Prominents, a name which refers to the prominent raised tufts of hair-like scales on the thorax.

The genus Crinodes is confined to the neotropics and comprises about 40 medium sized species, all of which are cryptically patterned in shades of brown. They have raised tufts of scales on the wings and thorax, their heads are retracted, and they usually rest with their wings tightly folded around the body and their legs hidden beneath the wings. The overall effect is to make them look very solid and 3-dimensional. Some species look like bits of bark, others like dead leaves, while some species are remarkably disguised as fallen seeds or nuts.

Crinodes besckei, Satipo, Peru © Adrian Hoskins

Crinodes besckei is found in rainforest and cloudforest habitats throughout tropical and sub tropical regions of the neotropics. It occurs at altitudes between sea level and about 1800m.

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Adult behaviour

The moths are attracted to tungsten, fluorescent and mercury vapour lighting, and during daylight hours can sometimes be found at rest on foliage, or amongst leaf litter on the forest floor.



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