Moths of the Amazon and Andes
Mosaic Tiger
Eucereon davidi  DOGNIN, 1889
Superfamily - NOCTUOIDEA
subfamily - ARCTIINAE
Tribe -
Eucereon davidi, Wayqecha, Manu cloudforest 2950m, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
There are about 6000 known species of Arctiinae in the neotropical region. Most are noxious to birds and have aposematic or diematic warning coloration.
The genus Eucereon comprises about 240 species. The moths typically have an attractive pattern of black spots or blotches on white or greyish forewings. The hindwings are typically greyish or whitish, with a suffused dark border. Other characteristics of the genus include elongated fore-wings, long pectinate antennae, a broad thorax and an abdomen that in nearly all species is marked with red or orange.
The illustrated insect was photographed at an altitude of 2950m at Wayqecha - a stunted cloudforest on the edge of Manu national park in Peru.
To be completed.
Adult behaviour

The moths are nocturnal and fly in the early part of the evening, but will take flight in daylight if disturbed from rest. Tiger moths are equipped with organs in the thorax which are used to produce sounds that have been demonstrated to deter bat attacks.



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