Butterflies of the Amazon and Andes
Speckled Sootywing
Staphylus minor  SCHAUS, 1902
subfamily - PYRGINAE
Staphylus minor minor , Satipo, Peru  Adrian Hoskins
The Pyrginae, popularly known as Flats or Spreadwings, are a cosmopolitan subfamily distributed across temperate and tropical habitats throughout the world. In the Americas there are 990 species.
About 580 species are placed within the tribe Pyrgini.
The genera Bolla and Staphylus include a combined total of 82 small dark species with a similar wing shape and an obscure pattern of lighter markings, and often a peppering of grey or yellowish  scales. Most, but not all species, also have a series of between 1-6 small hyaline apical spots. In some species including Bolla cupreiceps, Staphylus vulgata and S. ceos the head and palpi are covered in metallic golden or yellow scales. 
There are 55 species in the genus Staphylus, variously distributed from Mexico to Paraguay. The illustrated species Staphylus minor is quite rare, and restricted to the eastern Andes. There are 2 subspecies - manx which occurs in Colombia, and minor which occurs from Ecuador to Bolivia and northern Argentina.
This is a cloudforest species, occuring at altitudes between about 400-1500m on the eastern slopes of the Andes.
The lifecycle appears to be unrecorded. Generally, Pyrgine butterflies lay their eggs singly on either the upperside or underside of leaves. The caterpillars are typically dull green or brownish, with thin longitudinal lines along the back and sides, and with black shiny heads. They feed typically on low growing herbaceous plants, but some feed on the leaves of bushes or trees. The pupae are usually dark and smooth, with the wing cases in a contrasting tone or colour. They are normally formed within silken tents formed by spinning together the leaves of the foodplant.
Adult behaviour

The butterflies are usually encountered singly, and normally seen basking with wings outspread on low foliage.



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