Moths of the Amazon and Andes
Photographs Adrian Hoskins ( unless otherwise stated )

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Geometridae, Uraniidae, Sematuridae

The Geometroidea contains over 20000 species worldwide. It is divided into 3 families Geometridae, Uraniidae and Sematuridae. The largest family Geometridae is represented in the neotropics by 6 subfamilies Sterrhinae, Larentinae, Desmobathrinae, Geometrinae, Oenochrominae and Ennominae. The thumbnails below link to full size images and descriptions.




Erateina staudingeri

Monarcha magicaria

Dyspteris tenuivitta

Acrosemia vulpecularia

Semaeopus subtincta

Certima espuma

Eubaphe unicolor

Pantherodes colubraria

Stenele aletis

Rhopalodes sp nov

Melanolophia atrigada

Hoplosauris sp 4606

Cyllopoda claudicula

Cyllopoda jatropharia

Cyllopoda expansifascia

Atyriodes figulatum

Xanthiris flaveolata

Perigramma famulata

Phrudocentra pupillata

Phrudocentra abscondita

Eualloea subbifasciata

Oospila albicoma matura

Oospila violacea

Oospila venezuelata

Chloropteryx opalaria

Phyle transglauca

Cathydata batina

Trygodes musivaria

Synchlora tenuimargo

Tachyphyle albisparsa

Lophochorista ockendeni

Sphacelodes vulneraria

Bagodares prosa

Paragonia tasima

Halesa aenetusaria

Patalene asychisaria

Cimicodes albicosta

Oxydia sinuosa

Oxydia augusta

Pseudasellodes fenestraria

Macaria sp 360 unidentified sp 508

Nepheloleuca complicata

Sericoptera mahometeria

Eutomopepla rogenhoferi


Eois paulona

Eois sp 790


Pero teleclyta

Pero tabitha

Pero cyclodaria

Eupithecia sp 361

Fulgurodes perasata

Leucula festiva


Opisthoxia bolivari

Argyrotome mira


Psamathia impunctata Urania leilus Schidax squammularia


Syngria druidaria Unidentified sp 4371  



Lonchotura sp 371  



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