Butterflies of Australia
Klug's Xenica
Geitoneura klugii  GUERIN-MENEVILLE, 1830
subfamily - SATYRINAE
Tribe -
Geitoneura klugii  Australia David Fischer
There are 3 currently recognised Geitoneura species - acantha, klugii and minyas, all of which are endemic to Australia. The three species all have similar Heteronympha-like patterns on the upper surface but are easily distinguished from Heteronympha and from each other by differences on the undersides.
Geitoneura klugii is found along the southern coastal region of Australia in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.
This species inhabits grassy clearings and glades at elevations between about 100-1000m.
The egg is smooth, globular and cream in colour. It is laid singly or in pairs on the blades of grasses including Austrostipa, Brachypodium, Ehrharta, Joycea, Poa, Themede and Vulpia ( Poaceae ). The larva feeds diurnally. It is bright yellowish-green with darl green dorsal, subdorsal and lateral lines, and a green head. The pupa is pale green with yellow ridges. It is suspended by the cremaster from a stem.
Adult behaviour

The adults rarely visit flowers and are more commonly observed at rest in the ground or among grasses.


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