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Hi Adrian

I have never been on a dedicated butterfly tour before my 2 trips to Peru. However, I have been on a few wildlife tours and one of the most frustrating things I found was the way you are rushed about and the assumptions made about what you want to see. That didn't happen with your tours - there is an immense amount of time put into finding the right places at the right time and there is always a backup place to go to if necessary.

When you get to the destination, you can make your own way around without being constantly shepherded by guides. There is no ill feeling between people on the tour because we all have the same passion, and the local guides you choose do everything they can to help us see as many butterflies as possible. The guides double as cooks, mechanics, local diplomats and problem solvers, doing all they can to let us concentrate on our butterflies. This is aided by the small size of the tour group making things easier to plan and manage.

I love that fact that we are usually off the beaten track for tourism and the most important thing is the destination; yes, nice hotels are a bonus but they are not the priority and one of my favourite stays is in Shima where we have a sleeping bag in a hut in a forest. Of course there can be breakdowns and hitches when you travel to such out of the way places but these can add a touch of excitement and intrigue.

Last but not least Adrian, your knowledge of butterfly identification, behaviour and habitat is second to none. Even my sieve-like brain is starting to recognise a few genera thanks to your help. I'm looking forward to North East India in April and would recommend anyone with a passion for butterflies to get on one of these trips.

All the best,

Dave Griffiths


Hi Adrian

Feedback on the trip is all positive I honestly cant come up with a negative.

The things I liked are:

Pre-trip admin and communication were excellent, always speedy. Full responses to emails, and proactive with information. The complete focus on butterfly photography. Site selection was spot-on. Your selection of ground agents the bus was perfect and well-driven, bottled water always available, etc. Hotels and accommodation were fine. I found the small group chemistry always an unknown quantity at the outset, to work well. Plenty of unhurried time at each major location, maximising daylight hours. Transit time kept to a minimum. The flexible approach to amend the itinerary, e.g. the extra Friday morning at Bunso, and lunchbox takeaways. The depth of your species knowledge. I dont think Ive missed anything. So, thanks again for organising a truly memorable trip. I'm looking forward to teaming up with you again for Sikkim & Assam and very confident that it will be another cracking experience.

Best wishes,

Peter Bygate


Hi Adrian

I wish to congratulate you on the first class organisation of the tour to Ghana.

As you know, not being familiar with butterflies from West Africa, my primary interest was to see and to observe the behaviour, rather than specifically to photograph, the butterflies and this, along with all other aspects of the tour, proved to be an unqualified success. I was particularly fortunate with the unexpected bonus of virtually one to one attention each morning from the local guide, Paul, looking at a wide variety of birds. It is difficult to see how the service from the tour guides could have been better.

A major contribution to the enjoyment of the whole venture was the excellent company of all the participants; courtesy in the field during the day, and then entertaining and broad ranging conversation during the evening meal, with a welcome beer, rounded of each day perfectly.

I am so glad that I decided to join you on this thoroughly enjoyable venture and, if circumstances allow, I would be only too willing to come with you on a future tour.

With my best wishes,

Bill Bacon


I have travelled with Adrian 5 times so far, 3 times with him as leader, and at the time of writing I am booked to travel with him again. I now regard him more as a friend who very kindly does all the work, than a person with whom I have a commercial relationship.

Adrian's tours are not for everyone as they are not aimed at the luxury end of the market, but if you are looking for butterflies and you are willing to forego some of the comforts then he is your man. He has a gift for finding the most remarkable locations, and then spending just the right amount of time in each.

Although he has a good memory for species, identification in the field with the group is not what he does, so those expecting to be shown a butterfly and told what they are looking at will be disappointed. His style is to allow each participant to explore and photograph on their own, and then to go through their photographs with them working out what has been seen in the evening, or on return to the UK.

The success of a trip largely depends on the quality of the local agents and the locations chosen, and in my experience Adrian's choice of both is first class. I do not ever expect to see more butterflies than I have with him.

Tony Hoare


What to expect
Adrian Hoskins, owner of this website, organises and escorts private butterfly-watching tours for small groups to destinations including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Trinidad, Ecuador, Peru, Kenya, Ghana, India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia and Borneo. I use highly experienced and reliable ground agents in all the countries visited, and I use only the safest drivers and vehicles.
Typically these tours are of 12-22 days duration, and we spend about 3-5 days at each location, allowing plenty of time to fully explore the habitats and get to know the sites and their butterflies intimately. The sites are thoroughly researched, most sites have been previously visited by the tour leader, and all visits are timed to coincide with the peak butterfly season and best weather.
Accommodation is chosen for proximity to the butterfly habitats - sometimes we stay in lodges, and at other times we use small hotels or guest houses. On certain tours we camp or stay in forest huts. Food is varied and delicious, and we are happy to cater for vegetarians. Beer, soft drinks and bottled water are all generally available.
My tour style differs from that offered by most wildlife tour operators - my approach is to take you to places where butterflies are prolific and diverse, give you a brief introduction to the trail system and habitats, and then to leave you to explore the trails at your own pace. You are free to wander alone or in pairs on the trails.
I don't carry out on-the-spot identifications ( I'll be busy photographing butterflies myself for the website! ) but I will gladly assist with IDs from digital images in the evenings and after the tour.
Tour groups are always kept small - never more than 6 people, so you can relax and photograph the butterflies without a queue of people behind you. Participants must be aged 18 or over. There is no upper age limit but I may ask those aged over 65 to provide evidence of fitness.
Singles, couples and small groups of friends are all welcome.
I do not permit collecting, or the use of butterfly nets, but we usually run moth lights at night and have a photo-and-release session each morning. If you wish to participate in moth photography you should bring your own pots and catch those specimens that you wish to photograph.
For further details please contact me by e-mail.


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