Butterflies of the Indian subcontinent
Black Prince
Rohana parisatis  WESTWOOD, 1850
subfamily - APATURINAE
Tribe -

Rohana parisatis Ultapani, Assam, India   Adrian Hoskins

The subfamily Apaturinae is of worldwide distribution and comprises of several genera of large and powerfully flying butterflies among which are Apatura, Doxocopa and Mimathyma. Most have dark brown uppersides, banded with white. The males of most genera reflect an iridescent purple, blue or turquoise sheen. Unlike the aforementioned genera Rohana males are devoid of any iridescence. Instead they are a velvety matt black or dark brown according to species, and marked only with a neat set of white spots at the apex and borders. Females are earthy brown, banded with light brown in paristatis, or with white in most other species.
The genus Rohana comprises of 7 species found variously from India to China, the Philippines and Indonesia.
Rohana parisatis is the commonest and most widely distributed member of the genus, being found in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, Palawan, Sulawesi and Java.
This species inhabits rainforest and humid deciduous forest where it forms small localised colonies. It occurs at elevations between about 200-800m.
The larval foodplant is Celtis ( Ulmaceae ).
Adult behaviour
Males visit damp ground to imbibe moisture. Normally several can be seen along a short stretch of forest track. Females also sometimes mud-puddle, but are only observed infrequently. Both sexes tend to be active mainly on damp slightly overcast days, and have usually disappeared from view by midday.
Rohana parisatis Ultapani, Assam, India   Adrian Hoskins


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