Butterflies of Thailand, Malaysia & Borneo
Banded Yeoman
Cirrochroa orissa   FELDER & FELDER, 1860
subfamily - HELICONIINAE

Cirrochroa orissa orissa, Taman Negara, West Malaysia  Adrian Hoskins
The genus Cirrochroa comprises of 18 species, of which 15 occur in the Oriental region, plus 2 on Papua New Guinea, and one on the island of Biak.
Cirrochroa orissa is the commonest and most widespread member of the genus in Malaysia, and also occurs in Myanmar, Thailand, Sumatra and Kalimantan.
This species occurs in forest edge habitats at elevations between sea level and about 1000 metres but is much commoner at elevations below 400m.
The egg is melon-shaped, shiny and pearly white; and adorned with several vertical rows of tiny tubercles. It is laid singly on leaves of the foodplant Hydnocarpus ( Flacourtiaceae ).
The head, thorax and and rear section of the larva are golden yellow, while the middle section is dark red. The thorax and abdomen bear several rows of long black multi-branched spines, each tipped with white.
The chrysalis is a most extraordinary object - it is white, mottled with black, and is adorned with numerous long white motile filaments n the back and sides, and looks remarkably like a piece of lichen or a fungal growth.
Adult behaviour
This species is usually seen in one's and two's flying around forest edges, or along forest roads and tracks, often in the company of Cupha erymanthis. Like that species, it commonly settles on foliage to bask with the wings held almost fully open.
Males can also be found imbibing moisture from forest tracks, preferring areas of dappled sunlight, but do not normally visit sandbanks. They appear to be territorial in behaviour in as much as they will spend several days occupying a particular spot along a forest trail.


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