Butterflies of Mexico, USA & Canada
Mexican Marbled White
Hesperocharis graphites  BATES, 1864
subfamily - PIERINAE
Hesperocharis graphites Mexico  Tony Hoare
The tribe Anthocharidini, which includes the Orange-tip, Bath White and Dappled White butterflies of the Palaearctic region, is represented in the neotropics by the genera Eroessa, Mathania, Cunizza and Hesperocharis.
The genus Hesperocharis includes 12 known species, although it is likely that others still remain to be discovered. The uppersides of all species are creamy-white or yellow, usually with the forewing apex black or brownish. On the underside, all members of the genus have dark veins and chevrons similar to those in the illustrated insect, although they vary in prominence from species to species. The short, white-tipped antennae are also characteristic of the genus. 
Hesperocharis graphites is found in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Most other Hesperocharis species are Andean.
This species is found primarily in montane habitats, including cloudforest, open pastures, paramo grassland etc.
I have no data relating to graphites but the following description of the Costa Rican species crocea may be relevant : The eggs are laid in batches on the leaves of Loranthaceae. The larvae, which feed gregariously, are a dull reddish colour, covered with fine white setae. The chrysalis is mottled in green, white and brown, and is said to resemble a bird dropping.
Adult behaviour
The butterflies are usually seen singly, patrolling back and forth across open areas in search of mates. They sometimes alight on herbage, and if the weather is cool and sunny they will bask with wings held half open for short periods. Males are seen more often than females, invariably when they stop to imbibe mineralised moisture from damp ground or the edges of puddles and fords.


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