Butterflies of Africa
Common Brown Playboy
Deudorix antalus  HOPFFER, 1855
subfamily - THECLINAE
Deudorix antalus, Mount Gemi, Likpe Hills, Ghana / Togo border Adrian Hoskins
The genus Deudorix comprises of 61 species distributed variously across Africa, south-east Asia and Australia. There are 29 species in Africa, including 6 on Madagascar, 3 of which are endemic to the island.
The butterflies are known popularly as Playboys due to the habit of territorial males of cavorting in aerial combat around the top of small bushes.
Deudorix antalus is one of the most widespread species in the genus, being found throughout the sub-Saharan part of the continent including Madagascar, the Comores, Mauritius and Reunion.
This is primarily a savannah species, but can be found in disturbed forest in clearings and along the forest roads. It can also be seen in parks, arboreta, and village gardens.
The larva is polyphagous - recorded foodplants include Schotia, Syzygium, Prunus, Sutherlandia, Cassia, Phaseolus, Ximenia,  Crotalaria, Dolichos, Nymania, Combretum, Quiscalis, Acacia, Albizia, Baphia, Bauhinia, Burkea, Caesalpinia, Cajanus, Canavalia, Pisum, Macadamia, Cardiospermum, Olea, Paphia and Caspicum.
Adult behaviour

Males sit conspicuously on the topmost leaves of bushes, which they defend against other passing males. Both sexes migrate daily to hilltops where these are available, for courtship and copulation.

Both sexes are attracted to Tridax and other flowers for nectar. Males also mud-puddle to obtain minerals which they pass to females during copulation.



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